Futureglo is Litro Technologies’ photoluminescent division. The latest generation of Photoluminescence Technology is used in the design of our products, promoting a functional way beyond just being a novel idea.

FutureGlo has established itself as the industry leader, when it comes to the newest, and most innovative product line ever introduced into mainstream society, not to mention, the impact it has had on the commercial/industrial side of the spectrum as well.

The latest generation of glow technology is used in the design of our products. FutureGlo products are a functional way beyond just being a novel idea. Remember the stars that glowed on the ceiling for 20 minutes? FutureGlo products glow for up to 10 hours!

FutureGlo carries an array of Glow Safety Products, each having it’s own characteristics for energy conservation. FutureGlo refrains from the novelty side of the market, mainly due to incredible innovative product line that has flourished, resulting from extensive research and development.

So whether you’re off for a fun weekend at the lake or want to add the newest technology to your home or office, your safety is just one click away!

  • Our glowing house numbers make it easy for EMS to find you at night and our glow tiles let you say goodbye to night lights.
  • Prevention of head injuries is an important factor in every safety program. A single injury can handicap an employee for life, or it can be fatal.
  • Our nylon ropes glow all night long! Great for illuminating your tent corners, reducing accidents and creating visual lines in your campsite for navigating in the dark.
  • Load up on our glow tent stakes and say goodbye to stumbling around trying to find your gear or tripping over equipment that you can’t see in the dark.
  • Our glow Fire Fork is the ultimate tool for making s’mores, hotdogs, Brats and other great food over the fire!
  • Our glow marine supplies will never leave you adrift!
  • Keep your dog safe during after-dark and early morning walks.