When The Lights Go Out

Litro Glow Stays On

Welcome to Litro Technologies

Litro Technologies is the leading producer of Advanced Lighting Technology.

We set the standard for Low Energy – High Lumen lighting.

Energy Savings

With a change-out rate of at least 2-to-1, a projected life of 36,000 hours – roughly 3 to 4 times longer than typical inexpensive commercial fluorescents – and only 25 Watts, you’ll begin saving money right away.

Health Benefits

Why Clean Spectrum? Today, people are spending more and more time indoors and not getting enough sunlight. Litro Glow lamps contain the essential ingredients to achieve the balanced lighting of your body needs.

EAL Technology

In the event of a power outage, Litro Glow Lamps will glow brightly for 15 minutes with a total glow of 12 hours allowing you ample time to find your way to safety. Lamps are fully charged in just 15 minutes.

Green Power

With the benefit of Clean Spectrum, plant growth now can be accomplished with a plug and play option of our Litro Glow’s. The only lamp with the Growth Effect, in addition to all other mentioned features.

About Litro

Litro Technologies: Leadership, History, Marketing, Innovation

Litro Technologies is the leading producer of Advanced Lighting Technology. We set the standard for Low Energy – High Lumen lighting. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, we are entering our 4th year in business. Litro Technologies markets Advanced Lighting and Electro-Management Energy Systems for both home and commercial industries. As the leading participant in the lighting market, Litro Technologies has successfully assembled the most experienced team of lighting professionals operating in Colorado and across the United States.

Originally founded as FutureGlo in 2006, the pursuance of Phosphor Technology lead to the convergence of Phosphors and Advanced Lighting Technology. In 2008, Litro Technologies was created and acquired FutureGlo. Currently, Litro Technologies, LLC, and FutureGlo, are national marketing and distribution companies.

  • CEE Certified

    Litro Glow Lamps are CEE certified and available for rebates! Check with you local energy company or contact us for details.

  • Low Wattage

    Litro Glow Lamps have been tested as low as 18 watts compared to the industry standard of 32 watts!

  • Superior Lifetime

    Litro Glow Lamps last upwards and beyond 36,000 hours! With typical use that’s over 5 years!

  • Clean Spectrum Illuminance

    With the introduction of Clean Spectrum lighting (almost the perfect simulation of sunlight), Litro Glow Lamps have proven health benefits and mood enhancement!

Litro In Action

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What other say about us!

I truly believe that the Litro Glow lighting has made a huge difference in my students learning. They are able to focus and complete their many tasks in a shorter time than when we began. They have also improved in their weekly assessments that I administer at the end of each week.

Angela CKindergarten Teacher

We had and initial cost of materials at $15,575, after our rebate we had spent a little over $5,000 and we are now saving over $700 per month. In (7) months we will have our complete payback and will keep and extra $700 for our agency’s other needs.

Juan SElectrical Engineer

I felt the difference between the usual yellow lights and the Litro Lamps was outstanding. Litro Technologies’ lights provided a bright light that was refreshing. Even though it seemed brighter, it did not bother my eyes, that I feel are very sensitive to light.

Kathy NPrincipal

It has improved our attentiveness in all the students and teachers by having these lights in our class. They offer a better view of the class and we are able to focus better and have a better sense of awareness.

Elga HEducational Assistant